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  • Zombie Minesweeper Game - (93% Like It) You'll face a tough challenge as you try to run away from a horde of zombies in the middle of a minefield! In Zombie Minesweeper, you must run through a graveyard to safety without being eaten or blown up! Look for powerups such as mine detectors, shotguns and more!
  • Zombogrinder 2 Game - (93% Like It) Race through the zombie apocalypse taking out as many of the undead as you can in ZomboGrinder Revenge 2! You'll have to upgrade your truck with reinforced bumpers, saws, armor and more if you want to make it to safety! S
  • Zombie Punch Game - (91% Like It) The undead have taken over the school and it is up to you to protect your girlfriend in Zombie Punch! Make sure you watch both sides of the hallway because zombies will start pouring in from all around! Use uppercuts, kicks and other special moves to knock out the zombies faster!
  • Zombudoy Game - (90% Like It) Take out hordes of zombies who are trying to break into your house and steal your food! In Zombudoy you'll have access to guns, special characters and other powerups to help you defeat the waves of zombies that will attack! Aim for the head and use the money you earn to wisely upgrade your stuff!
  • Zombocalypse Game - (90% Like It) You are a member of Bravo Team, a special unit within the police department and you have been called to a late night disturbance that has gotten out of hand! In Zombocalypse, you must survive a zombie outbreak for as long as you can by using assault rifles, pistols, machetes, and other powerful weapons! Get a ton of kill combos in a row to unlock special powerups like air strikes, helicopter support and more!
  • Zombie Dead Land Game - (90% Like It) Zombie soldiers have taken over a important military stronghold and you are the only commando that can stop them in Zombie Dead Land! Choose your soldier and then blast zombies as you avoid traps and deadly perils! Buy new guns with the money you earn to help you in your adventure!
  • Zombie Situation Game - (90% Like It) Jack has found that his girlfriend is missing and zombies are attacking the town in Zombie Situation! Help Jack search the town for his girlfriend before its too late! Look out for new weapons and upgrades!
  • Zombiewest Game - (90% Like It) The saloon is out of alcohol and the only option is to run over to the next town through a zombie infested desert! In Zombiewest, you must wander off to the next town blowing away zombies and collecting gold in your search for another saloon! Once you run out of ammo, you must run away from the zombies back to safety!
  • Teelombies Game - (89% Like It) The humans have started to smarten up and have built numerous fortified bases to block the incoming zombies, but luckily you found a way to infect them anyway! In Teelombies, you play as the zombie who must launch himself into the human safezones to infect as many people as possible! Use the money you earn to upgrade your zombies and catapult!
  • Zombie Cleaners 2 Game - (89% Like It) You are part an anti-zombie unit and one of your fellow security members is missing! Search the zombie wasteland and see if you can track down your friend before it is too late! Upgrade guns and armor with the money you earn from killing the zombies!
  • Robots Vs Zombies Game - (89% Like It) Zombies have started appearing in remote places outside of town, but luckily our robot friends have decided to step in! Help the robot aim at the group of zombies and blast them with missiles! You only have a limited number of shots, so be creative on how you use them!
  • Vanish Rain Game - (89% Like It) In Vanish Rain, you'll have to hold off wave after wave of zombies as you wait for your brother to escape a city infested with the undead! The city will be bombed in 15 days, so you'll have to hold out for 15 nights if you want to see your brother again! Use the money you earn from killing zombies to upgrade your fortress and your weapons!
  • Zombie Rip Game - (89% Like It) The undead have taken over the island and you are the only man that can stop them in Zombie Rip! Collect weapons and explore all parts of the island to rid it of any walking dead! See if you can survive the entire journey!
  • Zombie Erik Game - (89% Like It) Erik is under attack by tons of zombies and he needs help shooting them down before they can bite him! Aim your weapon at the zombies and blast as quickly as you can to hold them off! See if you can escape the deadly forest!
  • Zombie Train Game - (89% Like It) You are on an automatic train that will hopefully take you to safety away from all the zombies and undead! You'll be relatively safe while moving, but watch the windows and doors at the train stops! Make sure you barricade the windows when needed and buy weapons as you earn money!
  • Zombie Nights 2 Game - (89% Like It) You are attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse and you have ducked into a city park that looked seemingly empty! In Zombie Nights 2, you must survive the infested park and stop all the zombies before they cross your defense! Unlock new guns and weapon accessories as you survive each wave of zombies!
  • Zombie Killer 3D Game - (89% Like It) The zombie infestation has started and you must do your best to survive by any means necessary! Survive at night by blasting any zombie that tries to enter your safehouse! Protect a group of survivors at all costs, by exploring the city, shooting zombies, upgrading weapons and not becoming infected yourself!
  • Zombie Massacre Game - (88% Like It) The world has been taken over by zombies and you've somehow survived! Survive for as long as you can by blasting hundreds of zombies and other monsters! Earn coins to upgrade your weapons!
  • Bounzy 2 Game - (88% Like It) Zombies are roaming the countryside and it is up to you to blow them away in Bounzy 2! Use guns, bazookas, and traps to kill each zombie before they have a chance to infect others! Some zombies will be protected, so make sure you plan out your shots!
  • Last Stand Game - (88% Like It) Survive the end of the world as you battle hundreds of the undead in the Last Stand! You'll have to do most of your fighting at night and all your rebuilding during the day, so make sure you prepare yourself for nightfall! Make sure to divide your time to search for weapons and survivors to help!
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