Top Rated war Games
  • Winter Tank Strike Game - (100% Like It) You are a tank commander who must pass through a dangerous territory! Carefully navigate your way through each level and blast any anti-tank mines and artillery guns in Winter Tank Strike! See if you can unlock all 3 tanks!
  • World Wars Game - (93% Like It) Try to gain control of all the territories on the map in World Wars! Compete against up to 8 different armies as you battle with tanks, soldiers and more! Each turn you'll gain reinforcements so plan each move carefully!
  • Gangsta War Game - (92% Like It) There is a gigantic gang war overflowing into the streets and you need to defend your turf by shooting down as many gangsters as possible! Complete tons of missions as you take out snipers, helicopters, vans loaded with machine guns, and much more! You have 4 guns at your disposal, including an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a pistol and a heavy duty machine gun!
  • Tank Protect Game - (92% Like It) The enemy has tracked down your tank and is trying to destroy it! Protect your tank at all costs by shooting down the enemy combatants before they can cause too much damage! Earn money and upgrade your guns to help defeat the enemy!
  • Submarine Wars Game - (92% Like It) Carefully navigate through the dangerous waters as you hunt down enemy submarines! In Submarine Wars, you must dodge missiles, explosive barrels and other obstacles as you chase each sub! Make sure you collect health, fuel and other powerups to help in your mission!
  • Stormy Castle Game - (92% Like It) Defend your castle and then take out the enemy at all costs by building up your fortress and training a massive army! In Stormy Castle you must carefully balance making money, training troops, and bolstering your defenses to defeat your enemy! See if you can command your own army and save your castle!
  • Mister Bazooka Game - (92% Like It) Terrorists are invading your army base and there's only one man who can stop them! In Mister Bazooka you'll play as the super soldier who has a giant rocket launcher! Launch each rocket to take out the terrorists before they can attack!
  • Duty Hill 2 Game - (91% Like It) You are protecting an important supply station and it is up to you to keep any incoming soldiers from invading! In Duty Hill 2, you must stop waves of incoming soldiers by using gun turrets, an assault rifle and your other weapons! Earn money and points to upgrade your character and your weapons after each round!
  • Age Of War 2 Game - (91% Like It) Fight through past and future historic periods in Age of War 2! Start as a lowly caveman and then progress as you upgrade your units into knights, combat soldiers and futuristic clones! See if you can survive by training your soldiers correctly and building up your defenses!
  • Stick War Game - (91% Like It) You live in a world ravaged by war and you are the only nation that has declared peace! The other nations around you are starting to threaten your prosperity and safety, so you must invade all their countries and learn their strategies to protect yourself! Control your stick man units and defeat the other armies!
War Games
With all the games that are online now a days, one of the most popular type of games everyone is playing is the war games. War games are a great way to step out of your life for a minute and step into war. It can teach you several things, for one are this could actually happen, and has happened before in history. To sit there and shoot at your enemies that are approaching you is so exciting. It gives you such an adrenalin rush. There are several types of guns that can be used in the games. Some games even let you use tanks. Depending on the game, you may even be able to change the appearance of his uniform. This is definitely a good game to shoot people and kill your enemies!
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