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  • Robot Cake Defend Game - (97% Like It) Robots are trying to destroy an important piece of government property and you are the only one that can stop them in this fast paced shooter! In Robot Cake Defense, you must stop an army of robots from eating your government issued dessert! Use mines, machine guns and anything else you can find to blast the robots!
  • Ultimate Defender Game - (96% Like It) You were supposed to be guarding a remote outpost far from battle, but now the enemy is attacking! In Ultimate Defender you must hold off the enemy forces for as long as possible! Earn experience to upgrade guns and see how long you can survive!
  • Thing Thing 3 Game - (93% Like It) You are specialized bio-weapon, capable of destroying anything that comes your way! Use a wide variety of weapons to help you accomplish a mysterious mission given to you by an unknown source! Shoot down any of those who get in your way!
  • Strike Force 2 Game - (92% Like It) You are a soldier of fortune who has been hired to complete a number of jobs, all requiring guns and shooting! In Strike Force Heroes 2, you'll have a chance to customize your soldier with thousands of weapons, armor pieces, upgrades and more! Play the campaign and level up or just do a quick match in the multiplayer section!
  • Strike Force Hero Game - (92% Like It) Strike Force Heroes - Government agents are on your tail and you'll have to do everything in your power to survive in this action packed shooter! Level up with four unique classes, test your skills in several types of game modes and unlock over 65 powerful weapons in Strike Force Heroes! Choose between either the campaign mode or try a quick game in your own customized mode!
  • Gangster Buster Game - (91% Like It) You are a member of a special police division that specializes in taking out gang members, local terrorist groups and other high ranking thugs! In Gangster Buster, you must complete different missions and take out the required number of enemy gang members that are out wrecking havoc on the streets! Use 4 different weapons and make sure you watch out for health and ammo powerups!
  • Mafia Shootout Game - (91% Like It) Your gang is transporting an important truck of alcohol and the rival gang is trying to destroy it! In Mafia Shootout, you must protect the truck's cargo at all costs by shooting anyone who approaches the vehicle! You'll need to buy upgrades for your truck, gun, your defense and more if you want to survive the rival gang's attacks!
  • Call To Action Game - (91% Like It) You have snuck behind enemy lines and have been busted by the enemy! Survive four intense levels of fast action shooting in Call to Action! You'll have to be quick if you want to take out all the enemies before they can shoot you!
  • Space Swat Vs Zombies Game - (91% Like It) You have crash landed on an alien planet that was once used as a colony for prisoners and laboratory experiments! Fight off the zombie prisoners for as long as possible by upgrading guns and traps! Make sure you repair your ship as fast as possible so you can get off this crazy planet!
  • Sift Heads 3 Game - (91% Like It) Vinnie is back in his 3rd game in Sift Heads 3! Play as the assassin that cannot be killed. Chase down street thugs and mob bosses before they have a chance to hunt you down!
Shooting Games

Shooting Games have been a gamer's favorite genre, since the 80s. If you remember some of the first video games consisted of shooting at bubbles or blocks. This has change immensely since then, and now they are more realistic than ever. Is this a good thing? Most Shooting games are rated: teen or mature. The violence in these games is not meant for younger children and should be monitored if the player is under the age of 18. If you are of age, then shooting games will create an experience that you will never want to have anywhere else.

In reality you don't want to be shot through a window, but some of these video games will give you that unique thrill. Some of the best shooting games of our times are: Black-ops, Call of duty, Grand theft Auto, Halo and 007. These video game series have generated billions in revenue sales. Each of these games, have different story lines to give you more than just the blood and gore of shooting. If you are not one to faint easily, than shooting games will definitely be a great choice.

After putting one down, you should look back again 'cause you might be playing not just shooting games but Zombie Games. You would also want to try out Sniper Games which you know are the best shooters out there.

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