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  • World Wars Game - (95% Like It) Try to gain control of all the territories on the map in World Wars! Compete against up to 8 different armies as you battle with tanks, soldiers and more! Each turn you'll gain reinforcements so plan each move carefully!
  • Desert Strike Force Game - (93% Like It) You have to evacuate from behind enemy lines and the only way to do it is to drive as fast as you can! In Desert Strike Force you'll have to avoid enemies, call nuclear strikes and blast your way to safety! See if you can survive each challenging level!
  • Stormy Castle Game - (92% Like It) Defend your castle and then take out the enemy at all costs by building up your fortress and training a massive army! In Stormy Castle you must carefully balance making money, training troops, and bolstering your defenses to defeat your enemy! See if you can command your own army and save your castle!
  • Age Of War 2 Game - (91% Like It) Fight through past and future historic periods in Age of War 2! Start as a lowly caveman and then progress as you upgrade your units into knights, combat soldiers and futuristic clones! See if you can survive by training your soldiers correctly and building up your defenses!
  • Stick War Game - (91% Like It) You live in a world ravaged by war and you are the only nation that has declared peace! The other nations around you are starting to threaten your prosperity and safety, so you must invade all their countries and learn their strategies to protect yourself! Control your stick man units and defeat the other armies!
  • Snake Squad Game - (90% Like It) Your commando squad has landed behind enemy territory and you need to survive for as long as possible! In Snake Squad, you play as the commander leader who must find the rest of his squad and then run through the enemy territory shooting any soldiers that get in the way! Use money you earn from each wave to upgrade your weapons, abilities, and reinforcements!
  • Warzone Getaway 2 Game - (90% Like It) Help your friends escape a treacherous situation by shooting enemy soldiers in Warzone Getaway 2! Upgrade weapons, airstrikes, armor and more as you progress through each level! If you start to get overwhelmed, make sure you call an airstrike led by famous soldiers, including Mr. T, Rambo and more!
  • Engage Game - (90% Like It) Gigantic alien bugs have started to take over small towns and you have been called in to help take them out before they can reach the cities in Engage! Use Gatling guns, knives, sniper rifles, and other weapons to take out these dangerous bugs! Complete each mission and see what type of rank you can achieve!
  • Overkill Apache 2 Game - (90% Like It) Overkill Apache - Wipe out the terrorists from the desert in your military Apache chopper which has been equipped with some crazy weapons! In Overkill Apace, you must carefully fly through the desert avoiding bombs, missiles, tanks, and much more! Look for weapon powerups and upgrades to destroy the enemy!
  • Freedom Tower Game - (90% Like It) The humans are trying to take over your energy supply and now you must take them out at all costs! Upgrade your Freedom Tower and its energy orb to take out the soldiers, tanks, and planes! See if you can fully upgrade your tower for maximum power!
  • Relic Of War Game - (90% Like It) A mysterious relic has been uncovered and it has altered the history of WW2! In Relic of War, you must fight as either the Axis or the Allies and fight to protect your land and take over the world! You'll have to place troop movement, plan attacks on the enemy and control your soldiers to blow away the opposing forces!
  • Call To Action Game - (90% Like It) You have snuck behind enemy lines and have been busted by the enemy! Survive four intense levels of fast action shooting in Call to Action! You'll have to be quick if you want to take out all the enemies before they can shoot you!
  • World War 3 Game - (90% Like It) The world is at war and it's every country for themselves in World War 3! Choose a continent to represent and then drop behind enemy lines! Earn new guns, grenades, bazookas and more!
  • Telsa Death Ray Game - (90% Like It) You are in control of the Telsa Death Ray and you must stop the incoming army from destroying your incredible source of power! Use lightening bolts from your tower to blast the enemy soldiers, tanks, planes and more! Earn money from each wave to upgrade your towers and attacks!
  • Mister Bazooka Game - (90% Like It) Terrorists are invading your army base and there's only one man who can stop them! In Mister Bazooka you'll play as the super soldier who has a giant rocket launcher! Launch each rocket to take out the terrorists before they can attack!
  • Alien Anarchy Game - (89% Like It) The military has crash landed on your planet and now they are working to take it over! In Alien Anarchy you must fight off the invading soldiers using several different types of aliens and guns! Earn money from each wave to upgrade your weapons and defenses!
  • City Siege 3 Game - (89% Like It) In City Siege 3: Jungle Siege, you'll have a chance to control a group of mercenaries who must take out a rebel army! Hire soldiers, buy vehicles, and save as many citizens as possible! Each level will have a different mission, so see if you can complete them all!
  • Brainzilla Game - (89% Like It) In Brainzilla - Bomb the Humans, you are in control of a monster brain that wants to take over the world! Blast armies of human soldiers with you massive eye laser and see if you can take over the Earth! Buy upgrades, better brain parts, and tons of new weapons as you earn resources!
  • Operation Elephant Game - (89% Like It) Launch your plane from the aircraft carrier and drop your elephant bomb to destroy the enemy's base in Operation Elephant! Buy upgrades, new plane parts, and unlock achievements as you bomb the jungle! The enemy will never know what hit them!
  • Gangsta War Game - (89% Like It) There is a gigantic gang war overflowing into the streets and you need to defend your turf by shooting down as many gangsters as possible! Complete tons of missions as you take out snipers, helicopters, vans loaded with machine guns, and much more! You have 4 guns at your disposal, including an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a pistol and a heavy duty machine gun!
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