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  • Apokalyx Game - (92% Like It) It is the end of the world and only a few rogue groups remain to fight it out for total domination in Apokalyx! Choose between the 3 surviving groups and battle it out in the arena to become the dominant species in this awesome fighting game! After you prove your worth in the arena you will have a chance to become the ruler of your land!
  • Stormy Castle Game - (92% Like It) Defend your castle and then take out the enemy at all costs by building up your fortress and training a massive army! In Stormy Castle you must carefully balance making money, training troops, and bolstering your defenses to defeat your enemy! See if you can command your own army and save your castle!
  • Age Of War 2 Game - (91% Like It) Fight through past and future historic periods in Age of War 2! Start as a lowly caveman and then progress as you upgrade your units into knights, combat soldiers and futuristic clones! See if you can survive by training your soldiers correctly and building up your defenses!
  • Crazy Flasher 3 Game - (91% Like It) Compete in the ultimate deathmatch competition in Crazy Flasher 3! Fight your way from the streets, to the organized fighting league. Buy upgrades, weapons, and more with the money you earn from your fighting!
  • Stick War Game - (91% Like It) You live in a world ravaged by war and you are the only nation that has declared peace! The other nations around you are starting to threaten your prosperity and safety, so you must invade all their countries and learn their strategies to protect yourself! Control your stick man units and defeat the other armies!
  • Age Of War Game - (89% Like It) In Age of War you must strategize to protect your base from the invading armies by using soldiers from a variety of time periods and ages! Start your army in the prehistoric age and see if you can advance your army into the future. Play smart and win each war to progress!
  • Dynasty Street Game - (89% Like It) Infiltrate the base of the opposing Red code named "Dynasty Street". Plant a charge on their central mainframe to knock out all the electrical equipment. Once the bomb is successfully placed Dynasty Street will be no more!
  • Trafalgar Origins Game - (88% Like It) Become part of the Royal British Navy and help defeat the French, Spanish and pirate invaders who are attempting to attack England! Sail the high seas in Trafalgar Origins and attempt to shoot down enemy shoots, rescue fallen sailors and more. Make sure to save money to upgrade cannons, hire crew, and buy new ships!
  • Empires Of Arkeia Game - (88% Like It) You are a commander of a powerful army, and you have been summoned to help out your country's more remote locations to protect them from pirates, orcs, and other monster threats! Set your troops on the battlefield and call in reinforcements when necessary in an effort to take out the opposing force! Take over the enemy's headquarters to win the battle!
  • Ninja Zombies 2 Game - (87% Like It) Ninja zombies have started to invade the temple and it is up to you to protect both the sacred grounds and yourself in Ninja Vs. Zombies 2! Weld a huge sword and slash as many zombies as you can in this action packed fighting game! Use the money you earn from killing to upgrade and buy new weapons!
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