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  • Robot Cake Defend Game - (97% Like It) Robots are trying to destroy an important piece of government property and you are the only one that can stop them in this fast paced shooter! In Robot Cake Defense, you must stop an army of robots from eating your government issued dessert! Use mines, machine guns and anything else you can find to blast the robots!
  • Ultimate Defender Game - (96% Like It) You were supposed to be guarding a remote outpost far from battle, but now the enemy is attacking! In Ultimate Defender you must hold off the enemy forces for as long as possible! Earn experience to upgrade guns and see how long you can survive!
  • Thing Thing 3 Game - (93% Like It) You are specialized bio-weapon, capable of destroying anything that comes your way! Use a wide variety of weapons to help you accomplish a mysterious mission given to you by an unknown source! Shoot down any of those who get in your way!
  • Strike Force 2 Game - (92% Like It) You are a soldier of fortune who has been hired to complete a number of jobs, all requiring guns and shooting! In Strike Force Heroes 2, you'll have a chance to customize your soldier with thousands of weapons, armor pieces, upgrades and more! Play the campaign and level up or just do a quick match in the multiplayer section!
  • Strike Force Hero Game - (92% Like It) Strike Force Heroes - Government agents are on your tail and you'll have to do everything in your power to survive in this action packed shooter! Level up with four unique classes, test your skills in several types of game modes and unlock over 65 powerful weapons in Strike Force Heroes! Choose between either the campaign mode or try a quick game in your own customized mode!
  • Gangster Buster Game - (91% Like It) You are a member of a special police division that specializes in taking out gang members, local terrorist groups and other high ranking thugs! In Gangster Buster, you must complete different missions and take out the required number of enemy gang members that are out wrecking havoc on the streets! Use 4 different weapons and make sure you watch out for health and ammo powerups!
  • Mafia Shootout Game - (91% Like It) Your gang is transporting an important truck of alcohol and the rival gang is trying to destroy it! In Mafia Shootout, you must protect the truck's cargo at all costs by shooting anyone who approaches the vehicle! You'll need to buy upgrades for your truck, gun, your defense and more if you want to survive the rival gang's attacks!
  • Sift Heads 3 Game - (91% Like It) Vinnie is back in his 3rd game in Sift Heads 3! Play as the assassin that cannot be killed. Chase down street thugs and mob bosses before they have a chance to hunt you down!
  • Snake Squad Game - (90% Like It) Your commando squad has landed behind enemy territory and you need to survive for as long as possible! In Snake Squad, you play as the commander leader who must find the rest of his squad and then run through the enemy territory shooting any soldiers that get in the way! Use money you earn from each wave to upgrade your weapons, abilities, and reinforcements!
  • Engage Game - (90% Like It) Gigantic alien bugs have started to take over small towns and you have been called in to help take them out before they can reach the cities in Engage! Use Gatling guns, knives, sniper rifles, and other weapons to take out these dangerous bugs! Complete each mission and see what type of rank you can achieve!
  • Overkill Apache 2 Game - (90% Like It) Overkill Apache - Wipe out the terrorists from the desert in your military Apache chopper which has been equipped with some crazy weapons! In Overkill Apace, you must carefully fly through the desert avoiding bombs, missiles, tanks, and much more! Look for weapon powerups and upgrades to destroy the enemy!
  • Zombudoy Game - (90% Like It) Take out hordes of zombies who are trying to break into your house and steal your food! In Zombudoy you'll have access to guns, special characters and other powerups to help you defeat the waves of zombies that will attack! Aim for the head and use the money you earn to wisely upgrade your stuff!
  • Speedboat Shooting Game - (90% Like It) You are trying to escape a hostile country and they have sent every force they can to stop you and your squad in Speedboat Shooting! Hold on to the boat and blast as many enemies as you can while you try to escape in one piece! Use the money you earn from each level to upgrade guns, ammo, and more!
  • Zombocalypse Game - (90% Like It) You are a member of Bravo Team, a special unit within the police department and you have been called to a late night disturbance that has gotten out of hand! In Zombocalypse, you must survive a zombie outbreak for as long as you can by using assault rifles, pistols, machetes, and other powerful weapons! Get a ton of kill combos in a row to unlock special powerups like air strikes, helicopter support and more!
  • Freedom Tower Game - (90% Like It) The humans are trying to take over your energy supply and now you must take them out at all costs! Upgrade your Freedom Tower and its energy orb to take out the soldiers, tanks, and planes! See if you can fully upgrade your tower for maximum power!
  • Stringer Mission Game - (90% Like It) A mysterious group of zombies are starting to invade your fortress and you have been backed in a corner with nothing but a few sets of trusty guns to help you! In Stringer Mission, you must take out hordes of zombies that have been unleashed by a terrorist organization known as CT! See if you can survive long enough to collect your reward for wiping out this dangerous terrorist group!
  • Relic Of War Game - (90% Like It) A mysterious relic has been uncovered and it has altered the history of WW2! In Relic of War, you must fight as either the Axis or the Allies and fight to protect your land and take over the world! You'll have to place troop movement, plan attacks on the enemy and control your soldiers to blow away the opposing forces!
  • Stop GMO 2 Game - (90% Like It) Evil vegetables have started infiltrating your farm and you need to stop them in Stop GMO 2 Underground! Grab your pistol, machine gun, dynamite, and shotgun and blast those bad guys! Make sure you upgrade your weapons after each shootout!
  • Zombie Cleaners 2 Game - (90% Like It) You are part an anti-zombie unit and one of your fellow security members is missing! Search the zombie wasteland and see if you can track down your friend before it is too late! Upgrade guns and armor with the money you earn from killing the zombies!
  • Rezistance Game - (90% Like It) Defend yourself against a corrupt police force by becoming part of the Rezistance! You have been assigned guard duty to a remote outpost in the city and the enemy has decided to attack! Protect yourself and the barrier by taking out each enemy and using the money to upgrade your character, your gun and your defenses!
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