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  • Sift Heads 3 Game - (91% Like It) Vinnie is back in his 3rd game in Sift Heads 3! Play as the assassin that cannot be killed. Chase down street thugs and mob bosses before they have a chance to hunt you down!
  • Gangsta War Game - (89% Like It) There is a gigantic gang war overflowing into the streets and you need to defend your turf by shooting down as many gangsters as possible! Complete tons of missions as you take out snipers, helicopters, vans loaded with machine guns, and much more! You have 4 guns at your disposal, including an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a pistol and a heavy duty machine gun!
  • Sniper Assassin Game - (89% Like It) You are a high level contract killer for the government and you are on the hunt for a mysterious drug lord named "Mr. Johnson"! Track down Mr. J and see if you can take him out before he can escape! You'll have to have good aim and be extremely careful if you want to be an expert sniper!
  • Sniper Assassin 3 Game - (89% Like It) Shawn has found who killed his wife and now he is going to hunt them down by any means necessary in Sniper Assassin 3! Use your sniper rifle to take out criminals and thugs who may be able to lead you to the mafia boss! Don't miss or hit any innocent civilians!
  • Sift Heads 4 Game - (89% Like It) Vinnie is on vacation in Sift Heads 4, but that does not mean the work is over! Help Vinnie travel to different cities around the world and perform his assassination duties. Pick your missions, guns and more as you sift some international heads!
  • Tactical Assassins Game - (88% Like It) In Tactical Assassin 2, you are a top level assassin whose job it is to take out any enemy that gets in your way. Read each briefing and duck behind enemy lines as you shoot down your target. Purchase new guns, ammo and accessories to help accomplish your missions!
  • Clear Vision 2 Game - (88% Like It) Prepare yourself for the life of a professional hitman as you take out corrupt military personnel in Clear Vision 2! Read the emails from your correspondents and then take out the targets they assign! Earn money from each mission to buy new weapons and upgrades!
  • Tactical Force 1 Game - (87% Like It) You are Ghost1, a highly trained soldier who must take out an important target only known as Warmonger in Tactical Force 1! Use pistols, machine guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles to help you take out your target and escape all in one piece! Make sure you take cover by hitting the space bar if you start taking fire!
  • Sniper Assassin 4 Game - (87% Like It) In Sniper Assassin 4, you are continuing your mission to take down the mysterious Mr. J who runs an international crime ring! Help Shawn get back on his feet and behind his sniper rifle as he takes down mafia leaders to find Mr. J! Earn new guns and missions as you progress through each level!
  • Sniper 3 Killer Game - (87% Like It) Hold off waves and waves of enemies as you try to survive the end of the world in Sniper 3 Apocalypse! Earn money from sniping each enemy to upgrade your base and your sniper rifle! Make sure you aim quickly, because your base will be overrun with enemies in a very short amount of time!
  • Mort Sniper 2 Game - (87% Like It) Your friend Sonia was kidnapped by thugs and now you have found out she is still alive! In Mort the Sniper 2, you must work find the bad guys that took her and then locate her before it's too late! Use your sniper rifle and stealth to infiltrate each area so you can question the bad guys!
  • Soldier Training Game - (86% Like It) Practice to become part of the elite sniper team by taking out these live targets in Soldier in Training! Your enemy will pop up very quickly and they are very accurate, so you won't have much time to react! See if you can survive all three levels!
  • The Urban Sniper Game - (86% Like It) Snipe enemy gang members, mob bosses and more as you take on the organized crime syndicate in the Urban Sniper!
  • Count Strike Game - (86% Like It) Sniper Jax is the last of his platoon to survive an attack and now he must clear out an entire city of the enemy! In Count and Strike you must enter numerous buildings in the city and clear out any enemy that may be inside! Use the money you earn from each mission to buy new weapons!
  • Final Line Defense Game - (86% Like It) You are the final line of defense between an entire army of enemy soldiers and the last remaining friendly stronghold! Blast soldiers, tanks, vehicles, and cannons as they roll up to shoot up your fort! Earn money from each level to upgrade your guns and your fort!
  • Super Sniper 2 Game - (86% Like It) Camp out on the roof overlooking the city and take out terrorists as they pop up in Super Sniper 2! You'll have to aim quickly because they will shoot back! Collect bonuses as you complete each level!
  • Sniper Scope Game - (86% Like It) David Kirkland is a member of the "Agency" which is a mysterious group of sharpshooters and mercenaries who can help out anyone with the right amount of money! David has been hired by the mafia to help take out the other criminal families using his sniper rifle! Take out mafia thugs and make sure not to hit any innocent people!
  • City Siege Sniper Game - (86% Like It) A local resort has been taken over by terrorists and it is up to you to rescue each hostage in City Siege Sniper: Snafu Island! Use your sniper rifle to take out each terrorists without having any innocent civilians killed! Use the money you earn from each mission to buy new weapons and sniper rifles!
  • Sniper Quickshot Game - (86% Like It) You are an assassin known for his ability to shoot quickly and without asking too many questions! Read each mission briefing and then get ready to take out your target before he gets away in Sniper Assassin Quickshot! Each mission is very short with a very small window to shoot, so make your shot count!
  • Sniper Assassin 5 Game - (86% Like It) You are in the final stages of your assassin career but everything is falling apart and you are the only person who can save yourself and your team from being killed off by rival gangs in Sniper Assassin Final! Complete tons of different missions, each which will bring you closer to the mysterious Mr. J who wants you dead! Make sure you don't get yourself killed while sniping!
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