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  • Winter Tank Strike Game - (100% Like It) You are a tank commander who must pass through a dangerous territory! Carefully navigate your way through each level and blast any anti-tank mines and artillery guns in Winter Tank Strike! See if you can unlock all 3 tanks!
  • Space Protect Game - (100% Like It) Your planet is under attack and you need to stop the invading army from taking over your headquarters! In Space Protect, hold off the enemy forces by blasting them with various guns! Make sure you don't get overrun!
  • American Unit 2 Game - (100% Like It) You'll have to quickly act and watch for targets if you want to survive each level in American Unit 2! You'll be behind enemy lines and in great danger, so make sure you are quick on the trigger!
  • Elite Unit Game - (100% Like It) You have been dropped behind enemy lines and you'll have to take out 3 different target locations! Carefully shoot your way through each level! See if you can pass all 3!
  • Air Hunter Game - (97% Like It) You are stuck behind enemy lines and the entire enemy Air Force is trying to take you down! Fly for as long as possible and shoot down the enemy planes! Do your best not to get shot down!
  • Submarine Wars Game - (96% Like It) Carefully navigate through the dangerous waters as you hunt down enemy submarines! In Submarine Wars, you must dodge missiles, explosive barrels and other obstacles as you chase each sub! Make sure you collect health, fuel and other powerups to help in your mission!
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With all the games that are online now a days, one of the most popular type of games everyone is playing is the war games. War games are a great way to step out of your life for a minute and step into war. It can teach you several things, for one are this could actually happen, and has happened before in history. To sit there and shoot at your enemies that are approaching you is so exciting. It gives you such an adrenalin rush. There are several types of guns that can be used in the games. Some games even let you use tanks. Depending on the game, you may even be able to change the appearance of his uniform. This is definitely a good game to shoot people and kill your enemies!

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