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Top Rated shooting Games
  • Shooting Range Game - (100% Like It) Aim quickly and see how well you can handle a pistol in Shooting Range! Each target will pop up very quickly and you'll have to hit as close to the bulls-eye as possible! Earn extra time and points by hitting the dead center of the target!
  • Skeet Shoot Game - (100% Like It) Relax in a grassy field, look over the skyline and blast as many skeets as you can with your trusty shotgun! Each level will get more difficult, in terms of the speed of the skeet and the amount that are pulled at once, so get ready to shot quickly! The further the skeet is away from you, the more points you get, so if you can, wait a little bit of time before pulling the trigger!
  • Pheasant Hunting Game - (100% Like It) Quietly sit in the field and see how many pheasants you can shoot out of the sky before time runs out! Make sure you don't hit the hens and that you only hit the roosters, otherwise you'll lose points! Use the mouse to control your shotgun!
  • Hunters World Game - (99% Like It) Carefully track each animal through the forest and see if you can get off a clean shot in Hunter's World! You'll hunt down bears and big bucks as you try to get the highest score! Your ammo is limited, and your accuracy is important, so make sure you are careful!
  • Robot Cake Defend Game - (97% Like It) Robots are trying to destroy an important piece of government property and you are the only one that can stop them in this fast paced shooter! In Robot Cake Defense, you must stop an army of robots from eating your government issued dessert! Use mines, machine guns and anything else you can find to blast the robots!
  • Submarine Wars Game - (95% Like It) Carefully navigate through the dangerous waters as you hunt down enemy submarines! In Submarine Wars, you must dodge missiles, explosive barrels and other obstacles as you chase each sub! Make sure you collect health, fuel and other powerups to help in your mission!
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Shooting Games have been a gamer's favorite genre, since the 80s. If you remember some of the first video games consisted of shooting at bubbles or blocks. This has change immensely since then, and now they are more realistic than ever. Is this a good thing? Most Shooting games are rated: teen or mature. The violence in these games is not meant for younger children and should be monitored if the player is under the age of 18. If you are of age, then shooting games will create an experience that you will never want to have anywhere else.

In reality you don't want to be shot through a window, but some of these video games will give you that unique thrill. Some of the best shooting games of our times are: Black-ops, Call of duty, Grand theft Auto, Halo and 007. These video game series have generated billions in revenue sales. Each of these games, have different story lines to give you more than just the blood and gore of shooting. If you are not one to faint easily, than shooting games will definitely be a great choice.

After putting one down, you should look back again 'cause you might be playing not just shooting games but Zombie Games. You would also want to try out Sniper Games which you know are the best shooters out there.

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