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Find a tower, get loaded up, and fire upon your enemies from above in our great Sniper Games! You'll only have a small amount of time to get your shot off and kill your target before it'll be time to find a new sniper position, so aim quickly and don't hesitate too long when pulling the trigger!

Its the attack of the undead! You will have to fight off waves of zombies, find survivors, rebuild hideouts, search for supplies and much more if you want to survive all of these Zombie Games! Try your luck fighting off the zombie hordes or flip sides and attack the humans as one of the undead! You will find endless opportunities to test your survival skills in all of our zombie games!

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  • Shooting Range Game - (100% Like It) Aim quickly and see how well you can handle a pistol in Shooting Range! Each target will pop up very quickly and you'll have to hit as close to the bulls-eye as possible! Earn extra time and points by hitting the dead center of the target!
  • Winter Tank Strike Game - (100% Like It) You are a tank commander who must pass through a dangerous territory! Carefully navigate your way through each level and blast any anti-tank mines and artillery guns in Winter Tank Strike! See if you can unlock all 3 tanks!
  • Last Hope Bus Game - (100% Like It) Zombies have taken over the city and you are the only hope for those who remain! Drive your bus around town and run over any zombies that are threatening the survivors! Pick up each group of survivors and drop them off to safety in Last Hope Bus!
  • Space Protect Game - (100% Like It) Your planet is under attack and you need to stop the invading army from taking over your headquarters! In Space Protect, hold off the enemy forces by blasting them with various guns! Make sure you don't get overrun!
  • American Unit 2 Game - (100% Like It) You'll have to quickly act and watch for targets if you want to survive each level in American Unit 2! You'll be behind enemy lines and in great danger, so make sure you are quick on the trigger!
  • Shooting Range 2 Game - (100% Like It) Use your rifle to shoot down targets as quickly as possible in Shooting Range 2! You'll have to be quick and accurate if you want to survive long! Hit the bulls-eye to earn more time per level!
  • Elite Unit Game - (100% Like It) You have been dropped behind enemy lines and you'll have to take out 3 different target locations! Carefully shoot your way through each level! See if you can pass all 3!
  • Hunting Season Game - (100% Like It) Get ready to track down as many deer as you can within the time limit in Hunting Season! You'll earn different amount of points depending on how clean your shot is, so make sure you aim carefully! Use the space bar to activate your scope!
  • Target Zone Game - (100% Like It) You have been dropped behind enemy lines and you'll need to take out the enemy soldiers using your assault rifle! In Target Zone, aim carefully and see how many headshots you can get in a row!
  • Secret Operation Game - (100% Like It) An important tank has broken down in enemy territory and you are the only one that can defend it! In Secret Operation, you must take down the enemy soldiers who want to blow up the tank! See if you can use your pistol to complete your mission!
  • Skeet Shoot Game - (100% Like It) Relax in a grassy field, look over the skyline and blast as many skeets as you can with your trusty shotgun! Each level will get more difficult, in terms of the speed of the skeet and the amount that are pulled at once, so get ready to shot quickly! The further the skeet is away from you, the more points you get, so if you can, wait a little bit of time before pulling the trigger!
  • Duck Shooter Game - (100% Like It) Grab your shotgun, hunting dog, and camo gear as you lay low in lakes, forests, and ponds hunting ducks! Unlock new seasons as you complete different hunting challenges! Don't hesitate to shoot because the ducks won't stick around very long!
  • Pheasant Hunting Game - (100% Like It) Quietly sit in the field and see how many pheasants you can shoot out of the sky before time runs out! Make sure you don't hit the hens and that you only hit the roosters, otherwise you'll lose points! Use the mouse to control your shotgun!
  • Fawn Hunter 3000 Game - (100% Like It) Deer are running rampant through the forest and you have to hunt them so they don't overpopulate the forest! Hunt each deer and don't let any get by! Make sure you click the "Reload" button when you run low on bullets!
  • Deer Shooter Game - (100% Like It) You have found the perfect spot to hunt deer but you didn't bring many bullets! Carefully aim at the deers as they run by your hiding spot! Make sure you don't waste any shots in Deer Shooter!
  • Hunters World Game - (99% Like It) Carefully track each animal through the forest and see if you can get off a clean shot in Hunter's World! You'll hunt down bears and big bucks as you try to get the highest score! Your ammo is limited, and your accuracy is important, so make sure you are careful!
  • Deer Bow Hunting Game - (99% Like It) Set up your trusty bow and arrow and carefully hunt the deer that are racing through the woods! In Deer Bow Hunting, accuracy is extremely important because you only get a few arrows! Use the zoomed in deer to help show where you've hit the deer with your shot!
  • Robot Cake Defend Game - (97% Like It) Robots are trying to destroy an important piece of government property and you are the only one that can stop them in this fast paced shooter! In Robot Cake Defense, you must stop an army of robots from eating your government issued dessert! Use mines, machine guns and anything else you can find to blast the robots!
  • Bow Hunt Game - (97% Like It) Prepare your bow and grab your arrows as you hunt down deer in Bow Hunt! You'll have to be quick because the deer will not stay in one place for very long!
  • Air Hunter Game - (97% Like It) You are stuck behind enemy lines and the entire enemy Air Force is trying to take you down! Fly for as long as possible and shoot down the enemy planes! Do your best not to get shot down!
  • Zombies Exterminator Game - (97% Like It) Drive as quickly as you can to the zombie infestation and then wipe them out! In Zombies Exterminator you must travel with your trusty shotgun and see if you can clear out each spot in the city! Make sure you act quickly before the zombies can take over!
  • Submarine Wars Game - (97% Like It) Carefully navigate through the dangerous waters as you hunt down enemy submarines! In Submarine Wars, you must dodge missiles, explosive barrels and other obstacles as you chase each sub! Make sure you collect health, fuel and other powerups to help in your mission!
  • Bag A Monster Buck Game - (97% Like It) Hunt down deer through several different states as you go for the largest buck! See if you can score enough points to move on to the next level! You'll have to aim carefully and keep your eye out if you want to progress!
  • Zombie Situation Game - (95% Like It) Jack has found that his girlfriend is missing and zombies are attacking the town in Zombie Situation! Help Jack search the town for his girlfriend before its too late! Look out for new weapons and upgrades!
  • Walking Zombies Game - (95% Like It) These zombies know martial arts and they want to take you out! In Walking Zombies, you must blast the zombies as they approach you! Don't succumb to their ninja skills!
  • Tank Protect Game - (95% Like It) The enemy has tracked down your tank and is trying to destroy it! Protect your tank at all costs by shooting down the enemy combatants before they can cause too much damage! Earn money and upgrade your guns to help defeat the enemy!
  • Fortress Defense Game - (95% Like It) Your fort is under attack and you must stop the oncoming army at all costs! In Fortress Defense, use your machine gun to blast the incoming soldiers! Make sure you purchase gun, bullet, and armor upgrades as the levels progress!
  • United Force Game - (95% Like It) You have been caught behind enemy lines and now you'll have to fight your way out! Work your way through 3 treacherous levels and see if you can survive!
  • Zombie Minesweeper Game - (94% Like It) You'll face a tough challenge as you try to run away from a horde of zombies in the middle of a minefield! In Zombie Minesweeper, you must run through a graveyard to safety without being eaten or blown up! Look for powerups such as mine detectors, shotguns and more!
  • Strike Force 2 Game - (94% Like It) You are a soldier of fortune who has been hired to complete a number of jobs, all requiring guns and shooting! In Strike Force Heroes 2, you'll have a chance to customize your soldier with thousands of weapons, armor pieces, upgrades and more! Play the campaign and level up or just do a quick match in the multiplayer section!
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